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The production of the Menuiserie Italienne is organized as a diverse and wide choice, comprises of systems and furnishing accessories for the whole house: libraries, containers, wardrobes, beds, doors, staircases, etc.

A complete production range as that of Menuiserie Italienne brings the design concept of a "home WOODWORK ITALIAN", stylistically consistent in every component. A "global project" that comes in all styles of architecture thanks to the exceptional versatility of the systems.



Quality of housing as a fundamental component of the daily life: the production of Menuiserie Italienne is the result of a constant commitment proposes the public the widest variety of choice to make their own domestic dimension.

The basis of the quality of Menuiserie Italienne is a wealth of "knowledge of wood" which has its roots in the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, one of the most important zone of the furniture in style at the international level, and which is constantly renewed, becoming a cutting-edge technological know-how.

Choosing to take the path of the production on a niche in medium-high set itself the objective to marry off to our experience with the latest production technology, so as to guarantee a high level of quality, and a maximum level also on a plan of creativity.

The proposals of Menuiserie Italienne are closely linked to current events.

Everything we offer is a high quality aesthetic and functional, created to ensure maximum reliability over time.

Buying a product of Menuiserie Italienne is an investment.

Our commercial organization also leverages the full potential offered by telematics technologies: it was possible to create a real network that helps ensure customers the highest reliability and, at the same time, reasonable delivery times.



The amplitude of the typological collection reflected in the ability to tackle any issue relating to the quality of housing

Every project, every proposal possesses differentiated functional needs are proper to;



Menuiserie Italienne takes great care in selecting the best materials to realize their own proposals.

The quality of the raw materials determines the highly aesthetic that distinguishes the production, with a choice of the best types of wood and the widest range of colors for the lacquered.

The search for quality materials concentrates in parallel on their reliability and durability.



Menuiserie Italienne can build wooden houses of new generation, solid and isolated from the heat and the cold, bringing technology and aesthetics Italian in our productions.



Menuiserie Italienne is able to deal with the restoration of wooden structures, antique furniture and so on. With the utmost professionalism and skill that requires the industry.



Moreover Menuiserie Italienne deals with the creation of Tiffany style stained glass, which combines the production of joinery such as furniture and doors, combining them with style both in the cabinet and in the modern classic.